• Saul Bainton

    Cavendish Maine

    To anyone who's working in recruitment who doesn't love working on projects that yield no fees, I would suggest that they embark on this course, very strongly.

  • Nick Green

    Encore Professional Services

    It's revolutionary. Your clients won't want to work with you in any other way moving forward.

  • Brenda Armstrong


    Retained elevates your client relationships, allowing you to work together in partnership

  • Jon Butler


    I was a contingent monkey for 11 years, I thought that's what it would be like for the rest of my life... it isn't

  • James Martin

    30Six Agency

    Retained is everything that my clients were crying out for. Great team, great service, great course.

  • Barry Usher

    Macro Recruitment

    4 weeks into the course and retained is the lifeblood of my business

  • Jezreel Maistry

    Zensho Agency

    Why not get paid to do the work you do? As opposed to doing the work and HOPING you get something out of it.

  • Aaron Davies


    300% ROI and that’s literally after 3 months. I’m very optimistic about the future.

  • David Sweet

    FocusCore Group

    In 20 years, it's the best recruitment training I've gone through.

  • Paul Jones-Evans

    Energize Recruitment Solutions

    It's revolutionised the results we were getting... we've tripled the number of retainers we sell.

  • Liam Beasant

    The HBL Group

    Halfway through and 30x ROI already. I wish I’d done this years ago.

  • Julia Fenwick


    The course taught me absolutely everything I needed to know.

  • Tom Middleton

    TM Partners

    I secured $80,000 for 2 separate searches and cut a deal for a multi-project hire.

  • Robin Huggins

    MBN Solutions

    Our perm retained revenue went from zero to 25%. We can predict our revenue now.

  • Jordan Taylor

    Former Executive Recruiter - now Retrained Search Coach

    I've secured over £1M in retained assignments.

  • James Dobbin

    Procurement Heads

    The course has maximised my fee-earning potential.

  • Zoe Upson

    FACT Talent

    This method works and the course is priceless!

  • Nick Hoadley

    Insurance Search

    The ROI is incredible.

  • Joeri Van Bourgonie

    Fitlink Recruitment

    This is much more than just selling retained, and that’s what stands out compared to other courses.

  • John Finn

    Manpower Ireland

    I'd recommend this to anyone - you start to get paid for what you work on!

  • Rob Forsyth


    Within 3 months we've moved to 100% retained and secured over £100,000.

  • Tom Breese


    I had high expectations: it was even better than I thought.

  • George Richardson

    BOSS Energy

    4 Retainers confirmed already.

  • Louisa Fleet

    Louisa Fleet Recruitment

    It's given me the confidence, the structure, the professionalism and the peer group.

  • Neil Beresford

    Signia Search

    We have won 8 out of 8 pitches.

  • Harrison Scott

    Strive Sales

    This has taken me to levels I didn't think I would ever be at.

  • Jenny Gladman


    We were already working on a retained basis but we didn't have the right structure or process.

  • Matt Bryne-Fraser

    Spencer Clarke Group

    We're in the latter stages of the course and have won 3 assignments.

  • Carlie Grainger

    Arcus Search

    Retained Search is not about lining our pockets, it's about cementing those partnerships with our clients.

  • Julian Rives

    Chapel Hill Solutions

    10 searches secured since starting the course.

  • Tara Sharma

    JEM Med

    Now, when we've sold a retained assignment we actually know the process and have been able to deliver well on it.

  • Harriet Grant


    The first training I've fully engaged in.

  • David Etherington


    We've won in the region of $800,000.

  • Lauren Bailey

    Spencer Clarke Group

    I've filled my first retainer and I'm still in training.

  • Jane Middleton

    Trapeze HR

    We pitched 15, and we have secured 11 of them within 10 weeks. That's proof that it's worked!

  • John Sanger

    Helicon Recruitment

    If you do this course and at the end you’re thinking ‘retained isn’t for me’ then it probably isn’t!

  • Sam Dorrington

    FJR Group

    £250,000 of retainers coming through.

  • Nick Simon

    Radiant Search

    Successfully pivoted from contingent to retained.

  • Alec Zetter

    Ellwood Atfield

    Previously we’d have been happy with exclusive but now we fully believe in retained and can educate our clients effectively

  • Kevin Buller

    Lucas Blake

    We've had a tenfold ROI in 8 weeks.

  • Dean Kelly

    RP International

    Happier team and the best tangible ROI we have ever seen.

  • Nigel Angus

    Next Move Recruitment

    A breath of fresh air. I have my mojo back.

  • Nathalie Brooking

    Big Blue

    As Head of TA, I used to shut recruiters down when they pitched retained.

  • Charlotte Streeten

    Charlotte Streeten Consulting

    I was losing confidence, I was losing interest... this course completely changed how I go about work and I'll never look back.

  • Charlie Giblin

    MINT Selection

    This will take you to a higher level.

  • Henry Norton

    RW Search

    It’s not just a benefit to us, but a benefit to clients. It creates a close work relationship which enables the best results.

  • Richard Ollerton

    Andersen James Group

    11 retainers in 3 months.

  • Matthew Okey

    Menlo Park

    I have secured a flagship, multi-site client on retainer.

  • Jason Sutton

    Fluid Recruitment

    I secured a retainer before completing module 1.

  • Riona Lavin

    Finlay James

    I've just won a 5 hire retainer.

  • Liz Tookey

    TP International

    The course is tailored to anyone, regardless of seniority level or market.

  • Darren Simmons

    Executives in Sport

    Invaluable to search and contingent firms.

  • Rachel Mayne


    I always wanted to do retained, I just didn't feel confident enough.

  • John Guest

    Harper Harrison

    You're not alone in the journey.

  • Johnathan Palling


    100% recommend. You will get a return on investment.

  • Neil Owen

    FJR Group

    £45,000 worth of fees secured after the first month.

  • Rebecca Doyle

    Prescript Recruitment

    The tools and resources are fantastic.

  • Rob Heseltine


    Louise makes it so easy. All you have to do is follow the course.

  • Ossian Plummer


    If you want to deliver the best to your clients, 100% this is for you.

  • Simon Rudd

    Reward Recruitment

    Extraordinarily good value for money.

  • Nadia Hemmings

    Network Marketing

    I'd recommend it to anyone. It's the way forward without a doubt.

  • Richard Okolo

    Francis Consultancy

    First-ever retainer win! 1 month in. If I can do it, anyone can.

  • Iain Garfield


    First pitch - we won a £42,000 fee.

  • Cory Salmela

    Salmela Talent

    Everyone should do it.

  • Jeremy Money

    JSM Associates

    We're already flat out with 4-5 retained assignments and an RPO.

  • Stuart Wilson

    RP International

    We had results from day 1. It's very effective and we had a lot of fun.

  • Alison Macmillan


    I have just placed my first retainer.

  • Julian Lavin

    FJR Group

    The best training I've done.

  • Shirin Lee

    Executives in Sport

    We've secured £70,000.

  • Lauren Webber


    2 weeks after the training I've won 2 roles on a retained basis - with scope for 3 more.

  • Charlie Cairoli

    Oakwell Hampton

    I've won my first retainer.

  • Ben Lyons

    Lyons Recruitment

    I wanted to make retained my business model 100% of the time.

  • Gary Williams

    Vadar Moss

    We've generated over £160,000 worth of business.

  • Debbie MacDonald

    Title Recruitment

    Even if you already do retained. This will make you even better.

  • Adam Butler

    Hawk Butler

    Clients are giving us great feedback on the service they are receiving.

  • John Watchorn

    Menlo Park

    I won my first retainer after 3 weeks.

  • Richard Martain


    We win the vast majority of retained pitches now.

  • Alex Cooper

    Ernest Hunter Green

    5 large projects signed off since we finished the training.

  • Jack Turner

    Boss Energy

    If you want to provide added value for your clients, this is for you.

  • Harriet Janman

    Renew Consultancy

    You position yourself to your client as a business partner as apposed to a supplier.

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