• Susanna Gray-Jones

    Chime Search

    Trust me, I was the person who thought that retainers wouldn’t work for me at all. I’m half way through the course and have won two retainers and the course has given me so much confidence to deliver them both. I really do feel like I’ve had such value for money.

  • Retained Search Training That WORKS.

    Immediate results, a 300% ROI, biggest ever fees and record quarters - here's the proof...

  • Sean Locke

    The Locke Group

    The best thing we've done as a firm - a multi-hire retainer with $300k fees already.

  • Saul Bainton

    Cavendish Maine

    To anyone who's working in recruitment who doesn't love working on projects that yield no fees, I would suggest that they embark on this course, very strongly.

  • Nick Green

    Encore Professional Services

    It's revolutionary. Your clients won't want to work with you in any other way moving forward.

  • Brenda Armstrong


    Retained elevates your client relationships, allowing you to work together in partnership

  • Jon Butler


    I was a contingent monkey for 11 years, I thought that's what it would be like for the rest of my life... it isn't

  • James Martin

    30Six Agency

    Retained is everything that my clients were crying out for. Great team, great service, great course.

  • Barry Usher

    Macro Recruitment

    4 weeks into the course and retained is the lifeblood of my business

  • Jezreel Maistry

    Zensho Agency

    Why not get paid to do the work you do? As opposed to doing the work and HOPING you get something out of it.

  • Aaron Davies


    300% ROI and that’s literally after 3 months. I’m very optimistic about the future.

  • David Sweet

    FocusCore Group

    In 20 years, it's the best recruitment training I've gone through.

  • Paul Jones-Evans

    Energize Recruitment Solutions

    It's revolutionised the results we were getting... we've tripled the number of retainers we sell.

  • Liam Beasant

    The HBL Group

    Halfway through and 30x ROI already. I wish I’d done this years ago.

  • Julia Fenwick


    The course taught me absolutely everything I needed to know.

  • Tom Middleton

    TM Partners

    I secured $80,000 for 2 separate searches and cut a deal for a multi-project hire.

  • Robin Huggins

    MBN Solutions

    Our perm retained revenue went from zero to 25%. We can predict our revenue now.

  • Jordan Taylor

    Former Executive Recruiter - now Retrained Search Coach

    I've secured over £1M in retained assignments.

  • James Dobbin

    Procurement Heads

    The course has maximised my fee-earning potential.

  • Zoe Upson

    FACT Talent

    This method works and the course is priceless!

  • Nick Hoadley

    Insurance Search

    The ROI is incredible.

  • Joeri Van Bourgonie

    Fitlink Recruitment

    This is much more than just selling retained, and that’s what stands out compared to other courses.

  • John Finn

    Manpower Ireland

    I'd recommend this to anyone - you start to get paid for what you work on!

  • Rob Forsyth


    Within 3 months we've moved to 100% retained and secured over £100,000.

  • Tom Breese


    I had high expectations: it was even better than I thought.

  • George Richardson

    BOSS Energy

    4 Retainers confirmed already.

  • Louisa Fleet

    Louisa Fleet Recruitment

    It's given me the confidence, the structure, the professionalism and the peer group.

  • Neil Beresford

    Signia Search

    We have won 8 out of 8 pitches.

  • Harrison Scott

    Strive Sales

    This has taken me to levels I didn't think I would ever be at.

  • Jenny Gladman


    We were already working on a retained basis but we didn't have the right structure or process.

  • Matt Bryne-Fraser

    Spencer Clarke Group

    We're in the latter stages of the course and have won 3 assignments.

  • Carlie Grainger

    Arcus Search

    Retained Search is not about lining our pockets, it's about cementing those partnerships with our clients.

  • Julian Rives

    Chapel Hill Solutions

    10 searches secured since starting the course.

  • Tara Sharma

    JEM Med

    Now, when we've sold a retained assignment we actually know the process and have been able to deliver well on it.

  • Harriet Grant


    The first training I've fully engaged in.

  • David Etherington


    We've won in the region of $800,000.

  • Lauren Bailey

    Spencer Clarke Group

    I've filled my first retainer and I'm still in training.

  • Jane Middleton

    Trapeze HR

    We pitched 15, and we have secured 11 of them within 10 weeks. That's proof that it's worked!

  • John Sanger

    Helicon Recruitment

    If you do this course and at the end you’re thinking ‘retained isn’t for me’ then it probably isn’t!

  • Sam Dorrington

    FJR Group

    £250,000 of retainers coming through.

  • Nick Simon

    Radiant Search

    Successfully pivoted from contingent to retained.

  • Alec Zetter

    Ellwood Atfield

    Previously we’d have been happy with exclusive but now we fully believe in retained and can educate our clients effectively

  • Kevin Buller

    Lucas Blake

    We've had a tenfold ROI in 8 weeks.

  • Dean Kelly

    RP International

    Happier team and the best tangible ROI we have ever seen.

  • Nigel Angus

    Next Move Recruitment

    A breath of fresh air. I have my mojo back.

  • Nathalie Brooking

    Big Blue

    As Head of TA, I used to shut recruiters down when they pitched retained.

  • Charlotte Streeten

    Charlotte Streeten Consulting

    I was losing confidence, I was losing interest... this course completely changed how I go about work and I'll never look back.

  • Charlie Giblin

    MINT Selection

    This will take you to a higher level.

  • Henry Norton

    RW Search

    It’s not just a benefit to us, but a benefit to clients. It creates a close work relationship which enables the best results.

  • Richard Ollerton

    Andersen James Group

    11 retainers in 3 months.

  • Matthew Okey

    Menlo Park

    I have secured a flagship, multi-site client on retainer.

  • Jason Sutton

    Fluid Recruitment

    I secured a retainer before completing module 1.

  • Riona Lavin

    Finlay James

    I've just won a 5 hire retainer.

  • Liz Tookey

    TP International

    The course is tailored to anyone, regardless of seniority level or market.

  • Darren Simmons

    Executives in Sport

    Invaluable to search and contingent firms.

  • Rachel Mayne


    I always wanted to do retained, I just didn't feel confident enough.

  • John Guest

    Harper Harrison

    You're not alone in the journey.

  • Johnathan Palling


    100% recommend. You will get a return on investment.

  • Neil Owen

    FJR Group

    £45,000 worth of fees secured after the first month.

  • Rebecca Doyle

    Prescript Recruitment

    The tools and resources are fantastic.

  • Rob Heseltine


    Louise makes it so easy. All you have to do is follow the course.

  • Ossian Plummer


    If you want to deliver the best to your clients, 100% this is for you.

  • Simon Rudd

    Reward Recruitment

    Extraordinarily good value for money.

  • Nadia Hemmings

    Network Marketing

    I'd recommend it to anyone. It's the way forward without a doubt.

  • Richard Okolo

    Francis Consultancy

    First-ever retainer win! 1 month in. If I can do it, anyone can.

  • Iain Garfield


    First pitch - we won a £42,000 fee.

  • Cory Salmela

    Salmela Talent

    Everyone should do it.

  • Jeremy Money

    JSM Associates

    We're already flat out with 4-5 retained assignments and an RPO.

  • Stuart Wilson

    RP International

    We had results from day 1. It's very effective and we had a lot of fun.

  • Alison Macmillan


    I have just placed my first retainer.

  • Julian Lavin

    FJR Group

    The best training I've done.

  • Shirin Lee

    Executives in Sport

    We've secured £70,000.

  • Lauren Webber


    2 weeks after the training I've won 2 roles on a retained basis - with scope for 3 more.

  • Charlie Cairoli

    Oakwell Hampton

    I've won my first retainer.

  • Ben Lyons

    Lyons Recruitment

    I wanted to make retained my business model 100% of the time.

  • Gary Williams

    Vadar Moss

    We've generated over £160,000 worth of business.

  • Debbie MacDonald

    Title Recruitment

    Even if you already do retained. This will make you even better.

  • Adam Butler

    Hawk Butler

    Clients are giving us great feedback on the service they are receiving.

  • John Watchorn

    Menlo Park

    I won my first retainer after 3 weeks.

  • Richard Martain


    We win the vast majority of retained pitches now.

  • Alex Cooper

    Ernest Hunter Green

    5 large projects signed off since we finished the training.

  • Jack Turner

    Boss Energy

    If you want to provide added value for your clients, this is for you.

  • Harriet Janman

    Renew Consultancy

    You position yourself to your client as a business partner as apposed to a supplier.

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