7 March 2024 | by Charlee Dawe

Louise joins Benjamin Mena to peel back the curtain on the secrets of retained search and share how embracing this approach can transform your recruiting business.

Benjamin Mena, host of The Elite Recruiter Podcast, interviews top recruiters and industry leaders to divulge expert tips, tools and tricks.

As passionate recruiters seeking to elevate your craft, staying ahead means constantly adapting to new methods. Whether you’re stuck in the trenches of the contingent model or looking to refine your retained search techniques, this episode serves as a catalyst for change that can lead to more predictable revenue and stronger relationships.

Louise and Benjamin cover:

  • What retained search actually is
  • The challenges that contingent recruiters face
  • Mastering a rigorous search process
  • Converting contingent clients to retained
  • Contingent vs Retained fill rates
  • Competing with the big search firms

Listen to The Elite Recruiter Podcast with Louise Archer here

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