4 March 2024 | by Charlee Dawe

Lysha Holmes hosts The Recruiter’s Recruitment Podcast, a positive place to catch up with Lysha and business leaders across the globe. Together the two tackle the question; is the contingent recruitment model broken?

Lysha is an advocate of Retrained Search, founded by Louise Archer, and the work Louise does to train perm recruiters to sell and deliver retained search projects.

Louise walks us through how clients and recruiters benefit from retained search, why the contingent model doesn’t hold up anymore and her personal experience of working contingently.

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Topics covered include:

  • Is the contingent model broken?
  • The grading system and the Iceberg Effect
  • Working quickly under the contingent model and its impact
  • Mass redundancies and how the contingent model can work for clients
  • Selling bespoke solutions in the current market
  • What is the future of recruitment?

This is just a fraction of our knowledge and experience in the Retained recruitment space. talk to us, completely free, about the challenges you are facing so we can help you some more.

Charlee Dawe

Charlee Dawe

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