7 April 2022 | by Louise Archer

Sam Dunning hosts The Business Growth Show: the podcast for tips on sales and marketing from business leaders and entrepreneurs.

Listen to Louise Archer talk about her experience in executive search firms, recruiting in America and how LinkedIn grew her company; Retrained Search.

We can learn a lot from America: Louise lived in Houston, Texas for a few years and talks about the differences in recruitment practises between the US and the UK from selling, how recruiters are valued to building sales relationships face-to-face rather than on a transactional basis. Louise and Sam talk how to practice this in your own business.

Louise shares her fears around setting up Retrained Search, how she ensured success and how LinkedIn is at the forefront of her marketing strategy.

Sam and Louise cover:

  • Louise’s career and professional training
  • Comparing recruitment sales between the UK & USA
  • Research businesses and executive search businesses
  • Pipelining and talent mapping
  • How to sell solutions to large, sophisticated companies
  • How Louise grew Retrained Search through referrals
  • Organic marketing strategy

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Louise Archer

Louise Archer

Louise has worked on the front-line of recruitment for twenty years. Having been a contingent recruiter before transitioning to retained she understands the struggles that consultants and companies face, operating on a contingent basis. Louise started training Retained Search four years ago, and since then has taught hundreds of recruiters to move to Retained.

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